We have a group of avid readers who want to share their ideas about what they have read. A Madison Winter Book Club was formed several years ago. These readers are quite anxious to read books in different genres. Thus we try to read non-fiction, fiction, biography, poetry, short stories, and classics. Many of the members have said that they probably would not have read our selections, but did because of the book club and were happy to expand their reading choices.

This year we have read “Pride and Prejudice”, “Wild”, “The Art Forger”, “The Pilot’s Wife”, and “Killing Kennedy”. We look forward to discussing “The View From Castle Rock” (short stories) by Alice Munro, “The Trouble With Poetry” by Billy Collins, and “Main Street” by Sinclair Lewis. ¬†We watched the movie “Pride and “Prejudice” after we finished reading the book.

We divide the year into two semesters. Two planning meetings are held each year. The first semester is from Sept.-December and the planning meeting for that period is held in June. The second semester is January-June and that planning meeting is held in December. All books are reserved at the Scranton Library.

Each book discussion is facilitated by a member. That person is responsible for leading the discussion, asking some pertinent questions and making sure that everyone has an opportunity to contribute. It is amazing how willing and happy people are to lead these discussions.

Meetings are held at the club on the third Wednesday morning of the month.