The Madison Winter Club is a social, non-profit, volunteer organization. For over 75 years, the Club has been a social gathering place for the purpose of providing a varied program of events for the benefit and enjoyment of its members. The Club is open for members from September through June with several off-premise activities throughout the summer months.

Members consist of men and women, single and married, primarily from the shoreline who seek and enjoy an active social life. The club offers an outlet for members to broaden their lifestyle by socializing with individuals of varied and interesting backgrounds.
Madison Winter Club History

Our Unique History

In 1934 the Madison Country Club was a seasonal hotspot for golfers with club facilities for summer members. In this particular year, Mr. Charles Goodspeed, Sr. decided to gather his summer friends at the Club for a New Year’s Eve party. It was quite cold that December night as they used a few electric heaters and an oil stove to warm their guests. Despite the chill, the party turned out to be a smashing success. Mr. Goodspeed realized that golfers would enjoy extending their social friendships through the off seasons. He received permission from the Country Club, with a few generous contributors, to have a furnace installed.This was the beginning of the Madison “Winter” Club.

As the years went by the Club began to grow in members and become more organized. A few members took on the responsibility of representing the group and officially rented the building for just $250 (this included golfing privileges). By 1938, the members elected their first President, Herbert Whedon, and by 1939 the Club was officially incorporated.The mission statement was simple: ”for the purpose of providing a varied program of events for the benefit and enjoyment of its members”.

For the next 25 years the thriving Madison Winter Club had several homes, from the Surf Club to Legion Hall. As luck would have it, in 1966, a beautiful property containing a large Federal-style building became available just down the road. Bob Pratt, President of the Winter Club at the time, was instrumental in acquiring the property for $45,000.

Today, with renovations through the years, the Madison Winter Club remains at this location. With our growing membership through the years, our members have become more socially and culturally varied, offering a wide array of experiences, interests and backgrounds (and yes, we have many avid summer golfers). Members enjoy the many amenities of the club from wonderful dining prepared by our Executive Chef, to live entertainment and educational seminars.